A subprofile is a record in a collection that exists in a database. Using this method you can retreive all subprofiles of a given collection.

Request url Methods Parameters
https://api.copernica.com/v1/collection/\$collectionID/subprofiles GET limit, start

GET Request

Using this URL you can request the subprofiles from a given collection. \$collectionID is to be replaced by the actual collection identifier.

By default, subprofiles 0 up to 100 will be retrieved, but additional parameters can be added to override the limit and starting position. If you wish to ignore to first nine profiles, and receive only 10 profiles in total, you can use the following URL. Keep in mind, the start parameter has nothing to do with the subprofile identifiers. It just determines the first retrieved subprofile from a table.


Example output GET request

    "start" : 10,
    "limit" : 10,
    "total" : 1000,
    "data" : [
            "ID" : "100",
            "Secret" : "123456123456"
            "fields" : { ... },
            "profile" : "1234",
            "collection" : "456"
            "ID" : "101",