With the database/\$databaseID/views method you can retrieve all views from a certain database by using a GET request. With a PUT request you can add a new view to the database

Properties of views

Views contain the following information:

  • ID (int, system field, cannot be edited)
  • name (string, name of the view)
  • description (the description of the view)
  • parent-type (database (for the "top-views") / view)
  • parent-id (id of the parent database/view)
  • has-children (boolean, are there views under this view?)
  • has-referred (boolean, does this view refer to other views?)
  • has-rules (boolean, does the view have rules?)

Example GET-request output


Creating a new view with a POST request

If you want to create a new view in the database with id \$databaseID, you can send a POST request containing the data with the properties of a view (see above). Do not send an ID, the system will assign this to the new view.

Example POST request

"description":"This view was created via the REST API"