Deliverability involves practically everything that is of influence when it comes to delivering an email to your recipient's inbox: Internet Service Providers (ISP's), Mail Transfer Agents (MTA's), bounces, spam reports, spam filters, junk mail, delivery settings...and much more. However, don't forget that as an email sender you fully control the deliverability of your emails. As long as you send good relevant emails and maintain a clean database and address list, your emails will gain easier access to the inbox of your recipients.

Thanks to Copernica you have access to several tools that can help you optimize your deliverability. For example, you are capable of adjusting your own authentication data to ensure a good delivery of your emails. But did you know you can also adjust your delivery settings thanks to Copernica?

Use Copernica's spam check to monitor the spam rating of your emails. The higher your spam rating, the more likely your emails will be filtered into the Spamfolder. So pay extra attention to the following points:

  • The balance between text and images: try to use at least one paragraph of text per image
  • Send along a text version of your email
  • Use an existing from-address & use a short and relevant subject line
  • Avoid the use of spam sensitive words or excessive use of capitals or exclamation marks