Personalization is dynamically tailoring your publications to meet the wants and needs of your subscribers. You can think of showing a personalized salutation, or displaying different images to different audiences based on their interests.

To personalize your templates and documents you will use Smarty code. This is a very well documented php-based (but much easier) scripting language. You can make use of Smarty personalization virtually anywhere in your campaigns. Not only in e-mail documents and websites, but also for example in web forms and follow-up actions. Copernica supports both Smarty version 2 and 3 (though we recommend using version 3).

Complete Smarty documentation

Smarty is not developed by Copernica, but is an external web template system and very well documented by a large army of enthusiasts.

Most smarty template functions can be used in your Copernica campaigns. Some functions and modifiers however are disabled because of security reasons. If you want to use a function or modifier that is currently blocked in our software, please send a request to our support team, so that we may consider adding this function.

Copernica special functions and tags

Copernica has many special features for personalization and tags for publishing special content.

Smarty Reference

On the smarty reference page we list all variables that are assigned by Copernica and that can be used in your mailings and documents.