A subprofile is a single record in a collection of a profile. Using this method you can request and create new subprofiles in the collection collectionID, associated with profile \$profileID

Request url Methods Parameters
https://api.copernica.com/v1/profile/\$profileID/subprofiles/\$collectionID GET, POST limit, start, fields[]

GET Request

Retrieve the suprofiles that reside inside a collection at the profile associated with \$profileID. Optionally you can include the fields[] parameter in the URL, to add requirements for the subprofiles retrieved in the request.

Example: Including the parameter &fields[]=email==walter@example.com will return all subprofiles with email address walter@example.com

POST request

Add a new subprofile to the collection collectionID, associated with profile \$profileID. The collection and profile identifiers do not need to be included in the message, as this is already provided in the URL.

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