What subject lines work best? Would your contacts rather read your newsletter on a Monday or a Thursday? Test both these variables and many more with Copernica Marketing Software. Find out how to increase your open rate and get your recipients to actually read your email. Copernica offers you all the tools you need to improve the effectiveness of your emails.

A/B testing: test everything

A/B testing: test

With an A/B test, you send two or more versions of the same email. How many versions you use, depends on the factor that you're testing. And with Copernica, you can test almost anything you want:

  • The subject line, the text in your pre-header, “From” field etc.
  • The content of your email, for example hyperlinks or RSS feeds.
  • The design of your email: layout, images, positioning.
  • The call to action: shape and size of your call to action.
  • Personalisation: are you using the right personalisation for your target audience?

You decide the number of emails Copernica sends and the amount of recipients in your A/B test group. Copernica will automatically send the most successful version of your email to the rest of your contacts.

Test the way your email is displayed

Test the way your email is

Would you like to test the way your email is displayed in various email programs before it’s sent? Do you want to make sure it looks right in Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook and all other email clients? Thats no problem with Copernica.

Because of the integration of Litmus, you can preview your newsletter and see what it’ll look like in various browsers and email clients. This functionality will help you optimise your email and prevent annoying mistakes.

Copernica's checks

At Copernica we know how important it is that your emails are delivered successfully. That’s why we built our software to check:

  • If the IP address you use to send emails is on a blacklist.
  • The possible spam score of your email.
  • If your HTML source contains any errors.
  • If there are elements in your CSS style sheet that the software can’t convert to inline CSS attributes.
  • If you’re using the right authentication data (SPF and DKIM).

Our checks are firm but fair. They protect your sender reputation and ensure better delivery of your emails.