The view method can be used to retrieve a view from an account or update an existing view.

Properties of a view

A view contains the following information:

  • ID (int, system field, cannot be edited)
  • name (string, name of the view)
  • description (the description of the view)
  • parent-type (database (for the "top-views") / view)
  • parent-id (id of the parent database/view)
  • has-children (boolean, are there views under this view?)
  • has-referred (boolean, does this view refer to other views?)
  • has-rules (boolean, does the view have rules?)

GET request to retrieve a view

A view can be retrieved with a GET request. This will return all information stated above.

PUT request to modify a view

Use a PUT request to update the view with this \$viewID.

Example PUT request

{"name":"newView","description":"This view was created via the REST API", "parent-type": "database", "parent-id":"2", "has-children":"false", "has-referred":"false", "has-rules":"true"}

This can be send as payload with a PUT request to the following URL. As you can see, this will update the view with id 42: