Your first drag-'n-drop mailings

Copernica has two totally different ways of creating mailings. The old way in Publisher involves creating your own HTML templates, whereas in MarketingSuite you drag and drop your email together with pre-coded elements.

Putting together mailings is a lot easier in MarketingSuite than in Publisher. However, many people still use Publisher due to its extended options. Publisher requires you to code your own HTML and CSS, but it gives you the freedom to make whatever you want, whereas in MarketingSuite you're limited to what the drag-'n-drop editor offers you. For now, Publisher also has some more options for follow-up actions.

MarketingSuite, on the other hand, needs little to no explanation. Simply drag and drop content blocks onto your template such as text, headers, images, social media buttons, and much more. Hit send after you've finished and the rest speaks for itself. The choice is yours: if you prefer user friendliness and want to quickly put together a beautiful and professional looking email, use the MarketingSuite. If you're a little more computer-savvy and want full freedom in your creations, use Publisher.

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