About Admix Connect

Admix·Connect provides users of Copernica support in making templates, websites and forms and in the development of software and connections based on SOAP API, XSLT and RSS. Admix Connect is expert in data retrieval and combining them using web technology. For websites and intranet and e-mail marketing campaigns. www.admixconnect.nl +31 (0) 40 213 01 12

Vondellaan 12 5611 NX Eindhoven Noord-Brabant Netherlands

+31 (0)40 213 01 12

mathe.moons@admixconnect.nl http://www.admixconnect.nl/

Expertise (4)

We offer Copernica users and partners support when building templates, websites and forms. Especially a lot of expertise in links based on XSLT, SOAP API and RSS.

See Programming skills.

See Programming skills.

We offer support to users and partners who want to deploy XSLT.