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In the future, our customer relationship will be almost entirely digital, but at the same time it’s very important to uphold a personal approach. Customers like to do business with people, not with companies or anonymous web accounts. Hence our motto: “Go digital, stay human”. StoryTEQ is a cloud based application that produces and sends personalized video. Fully automated. Based on the personal data of your customer StoryTEQ generates an individual, customized video for each recipient. With personal videos we aim to improve the digital experience of your customer, ensuring at the same time a personal touch. Each customer receives his own relevant and personalized video message at the right time. Our approach intensifies the customer experience and leads to behavioral change. The purpose of StoryTEQ is to increase the lead conversion and to achieve great engagement during the customer journey. The personalized videos can be distributed in different ways: to apps, websites, social media channels, online environments and via email. StoryTEQ provides an API that easily links our services to the (marketing / email / CRM) platform you are working with, such as Copernica, Salesforce, Sitecore, MailChimp, Mandrill etc.

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Service type: campaign

StoryMail offers full campaign management in the form of advising, thinking, designing and analyzing. StoryMail helps you all the way with your personal video marketing. In cooperation with our producer, team, storytellers and your team we find the best ideas and solutions.

Service type: htmltemplate

StoryMail develops, designs and builds conversion-driven HTML templates.

Service type: textwrite

Copy writing; it's in our blood. StoryMail works with experienced StoryTellers.

Service type: training

StoryMail provides various training, both inhouse- ass open variants. Contact us for more information.

Service type: design

StoryMail works with experienced designers. After years of experience, one thing is certain: we know how to design and come up of the best ideas and most beautiful creations.


World Expo Milan
Partner's project

Anthura, Royal Lemkes en Deliflor Chrysanten present themselves on the World Expo Milan Flowers 2015 in a mirror tent through film and product. 20 million visitors are expected on the World Expo Milan. The goal is to make the visitors experience a WOW-effect in the tent, by a combination of film and beautiful arrangements where you can find an interactive element. But also by giving an optimal response to the overarching theme: well-being. Or more specific: giving and receiving flowers is appreciated. StoryMail's solution: An iPad-stand, where the visitor can send a personalized video message to friends or family through a simple form. With this StoryMail the visitor gives a gift in the form of a digital flower. In picture you can see a visualization of a wonderful bouquet of flowers with a personalized note and message. Watch the StoryMail on: https://www.storymail.nl/en/cases/

G4S Cash Solutions
Partner's project

G4S already deployed various ways to bring their cash transport service to the attention. But they were looking for a solution to approach a large group of entrepreneurs in a personal way with the StoryMail-technique. The technology behind StoryMail makes it possible to produce one video with customizable content that can be tailored to different industries. Bureau Talmon made six animated films with a presenter. These videos bring together brand experience, product explanations and a friendly, personal approach. The recipient sees his own name, street name and the name of his business in a personal video message. Watch the StoryMail on: https://www.storymail.nl/en/cases/

Partner's project

On the question; ”How can Samsung bring her products to the attention in the most progressive and outstanding way possible?”, StoryMail offered a solution with personal videomarketing. An innovative product such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 requires an innovative introduction. A personalized StoryMail was made for Samsung directed to a big number from her database contacts. Goal of these live action video is ‘enrichment of life’ by portraying the ‘King of Smartphones’; the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. 
Based on data from the database there are personalized elements included in the video. In this way each contact received a personalized Samsung StoryMail. The personalized video was opened 56% more compared to the same not-personalized video. Also there were 386% more clicks from the email to the landing page compared to the same not-personalized video. Watch the StoryMail on: https://www.storymail.nl/en/cases/

Partner's project

In personal meetings, ONVZ's care managers take the time for their customers. ONVZ wanted to continue this warm and personal way of communicating beyond these conversations. Therefore three StoryMails were created in which the customer is approached in a personal way. Fully customizable to the recipient and to the sender. In the first video mail, the recipient is invited to a personal conversation. In the second StoryMail, which is sent immediately after the meeting, the contents of the conversation are summarized. The third video is a personalized corporate video that can be used at any particular moment to inform the customer. Watch the StoryMail on: https://www.storymail.nl/en/cases/

Partner's project

Reggefiber's wish was to reach people in an effective way and inform them about the many advantages of glass fiber. StoryMail designed accessible animation that clearly outlines the benefits of glass fiber. This animation can easily be presented on the website and on various social media channels. Due to the specific style and voice-over the animation ‘breathes’ Reggefiber. Therefor the film is also very suitable to raise the profile of the brand. At this moment, more than 10 films were produced that are used during the construction phase. Eight of these films are used as a StoryMail message and are personalized with the name of the resident, the name of his city, his street name and house number. Even the sex of the animated main character is customizable and in the film, a date for an appointment is proposed. Watch the StoryMail on: https://www.storymail.nl/en/cases/

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