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Gladior is a full-service online marketing agency known for it's entrepeneurship and detailed reporting. For the past 14 years we have been thinking outside of the box to generate online business for our customers, making use of virtually all areas of online marketing. We think proactively with our customer, which allows us to quickly switch between ideas and projects. This way we ensure that an online marketing campaign fits perfectly within the marketing strategy of your organisation. Gladior offers a wide variety of services, aimed at increasing the presence of your organisation and reinforcing your brand. Within the area of e-mail marketing Gladior is capable of supporting the full process: from defining a strategy, databasemanagement and design to sending, split testing, reporting and analysing the campagin.

Copernica partner

As a partner of Copernica, Gladior B.V. offers their full support and services to deploy Copernica Marketing Software as effectively as possible. For example, through creative and automated email campaigns. With Copernica, you can create valuable contacts. Find out how Gladior B.V. can help you further.

Automated campaigns

Get personal by implementing the following email campaigns. With these campaigns, you can communicate with high degree of relevance.

Personalized newsletters

Use data to create creative and hyper personal email campaigns. Simply increase your CTR and COR.

Customer retention

Retain customers with interesting offers or relevant information based on customer data.

Repeat purchase

Send an email or SMS when a customer is most likely ready for a repeat purchase.

Abandoned shopping cart

Easily create an abandoned shopping cart email campaign and increase your turnover.

Reactivation campaign

Reactivate people after a long period by sending an email with a personal deal. For example, trade in an old product with a newer one.

Birthday campaign

Send a birthday campaign with a personalized discount offer.

Contact Gladior B.V.

Boddenkampsingel 87 7514 AP Enschede Netherlands

053 8507090

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Gladior consultants manage your total e-mail campaign from start to finish. From strategy to analysing the results, we can provide you with all the help you need. Also, Gladior is capable of integrating e-mail marketing within your total marketing mix.

In coöperation with your organisation we can provide you with the right e-mail content, with the right message for the right target audience.

Gladior can provide your organisation with qualitative HTML templates that match the needs of the consumer anno 2014 and current market trends, while maintaining compatibility with practically all modern e-mail clients.


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