Copernica partner DynaGroup BV

DynaGroup is the successful development of the Dynafix repair company. Founded in 1995 Dynafix started by offering repair services to Telco’s. Nowadays Dynafix also delivers total life cycle care for products like laptops, tablets, coffee machines or desktop computers. While offering extended repair services, together with our customers, we developed many intelligent solutions and service models for the entire supply chain. Based on this complete customer orientation we started additional business units for logistics, trusted back office services and software development. Within DynaGroup, Dynacommerce is the youngest company. Using and implementing the latest innovative technology & business models combined with highly skilled professionals and integrated technology partners, Dynacommerce is able to translate & simplify highly complex business models into sophisticated Omnichannel sales processes which is unique in this market segment and so for our clients as well. The digital marketing team of Dynacommerce is responsible for the execution of email marketing and will use the software to keep its network periodically informed of developments, but mainly to provide in customer needs.

Copernica partner

As a partner of Copernica, DynaGroup BV offers their full support and services to deploy Copernica Marketing Software as effectively as possible. For example, through creative and automated email campaigns. With Copernica, you can create valuable contacts. Find out how DynaGroup BV can help you further.

Automated campaigns

Get personal by implementing the following email campaigns. With these campaigns, you can communicate with high degree of relevance.

Personalized newsletters

Use data to create creative and hyper personal email campaigns. Simply increase your CTR and COR.

Customer retention

Retain customers with interesting offers or relevant information based on customer data.

Repeat purchase

Send an email or SMS when a customer is most likely ready for a repeat purchase.

Abandoned shopping cart

Easily create an abandoned shopping cart email campaign and increase your turnover.

Reactivation campaign

Reactivate people after a long period by sending an email with a personal deal. For example, trade in an old product with a newer one.

Birthday campaign

Send a birthday campaign with a personalized discount offer.

Contact DynaGroup BV

Mercator 2 6135KW Sittard Netherlands

045 524 5778

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