SOAP API methode Database_retrieve

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Parameter 'id' : string
The identifier (id) of the object that is retrieved

Return values
Return value 'database' : Structure of type 'database'
All properties of the retrieved database

Structuur 'database'
De structuur 'database' is hierboven vermeld. Deze structuur heeft de volgende properties:
Eigenschap 'id' : int
The ID of the database.
Eigenschap 'name' : string
The name of the database.
Eigenschap 'description' : string
The description of the database.
Eigenschap 'archived' : boolean
The database is archived.
Eigenschap 'created' : timestamp
The date and time when the account was created.
Eigenschap 'unsubscribebehavior' : string
Get the unsubscribe behavior of the database. Possible values are 'nothing', 'remove' or 'update'.
Eigenschap 'countprofiles' : int
The number of profiles.
Eigenschap 'lastbuilt' : timestamp
When was the profile rebuilt for the last time?