SOAP API methode ProcessedEmailingFinalGroup_abuseTypes

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This method returns an associative array with keys: the abuse types and values: the number of times this type of abuse occured

Parameter 'id' : int
Unique identifier (id) of the object ProcessedEmailingFinalGroup. The method only applies to the processedemailingfinalgroup with this id.
Parameter 'login' : Structure of type 'login'
Optional login data

Return values
Return value 'array' : array

Structuur 'login'
De structuur 'login' is hierboven vermeld. Deze structuur heeft de volgende properties:
Eigenschap 'username' : string
The username of the login attempt
Eigenschap 'account' : string
The account name of the login attempt
Eigenschap 'password' : string
The password for the login attempt