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SOAP API methode ProcessedSmsMailing_retrieve


Naam Type Beschrijving
id * string The identifier (id) of the object that is retrieved
* verplichte parameters


Naam Type Beschrijving
processedsmsmailing Structure of type 'processedsmsmailing' All properties of the retrieved processedsmsmailing

Structuur 'processedsmsmailing'

Naam Type Beschrijving
registerstatus. boolean Will the status be registered?
destinationcount int The number of destination of the mailing.
id int Get the ID of the mailing.
timestamp timestamp The timestamp when the mailing was sent.
description string The description of the mailing.
personalized boolean Was this mailing personalized?.
nodoubles boolean Should the mailing be send to double mailaddresses?.
individual boolean Was this mailing sent to an individual?.
test boolean Was this mailing a test?
type string The type of the mailing.
messagesperminute int The max number of messages that are sent withing one minute
archived boolean The mailing is archived.
priority int Priority of the mailing. Higher value indicates higher priority.