SOAP API methode ScheduledSmsMailing_retrieve

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Parameter 'id' : string
The identifier (id) of the object that is retrieved

Return values
Return value 'scheduledsmsmailing' : Structure of type 'scheduledsmsmailing'
All properties of the retrieved scheduledsmsmailing

Structuur 'scheduledsmsmailing'
De structuur 'scheduledsmsmailing' is hierboven vermeld. Deze structuur heeft de volgende properties:
Eigenschap 'registerstatus' : boolean
Will the status be registered?.
Eigenschap 'description' : string
The description of the scheduled mailing
Eigenschap 'test' : boolean
Was this a test mailing?.
Eigenschap 'personalized' : boolean
Was this mailing personalized?.
Eigenschap 'nodoubles' : boolean
Was the target contains doubles?.
Eigenschap 'messagesperminute' : int
The max number of messages that are sent withing one minute
Eigenschap 'priority' : int
Priority of the mailing. Higher value indicated higher priority.
Eigenschap 'nextstarttime' : timestamp
The next time when this scheduled event will run.
Eigenschap 'schedulediterations' : int
The number of iterations that are still remaining.
Eigenschap 'processediterations' : int
The number of iterations that were already processed.
Eigenschap 'previousstarttime' : string
The starttime of the last iteration.
Eigenschap 'processmissediterations' : boolean
Will the missed iterations be processed anyway?.
Eigenschap 'id' : int
The ID of the scheduledevent.