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SOAP API methode WebForm_retrieve


Naam Type Beschrijving
id * string The identifier (id) of the object that is retrieved
* verplichte parameters


Naam Type Beschrijving
webform Structure of type 'webform' All properties of the retrieved webform

Structuur 'webform'

Naam Type Beschrijving
id int The ID of the document.
name string Get the name of the webform.
login string Is this webform used for a login check?
archived boolean Get if the webform is archived.
modified string The last modification time of the webform.
created string The creation time of the webform.
buttontext string The text that appears on the button in the default xslt.
nexturl string The url/page where the webform returns after handling the process.
timezone string Get the timezone of the webform
htmlEscaping string Check if the webform is escaping HTML code