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With Copernica Marketing Software we are able to efficiently create and send press releases to our subscribers by email.
Winkelman Van Hessen
We are able to create our very own digital newsletter in a simple and self-sufficient way using Copernica Marketing Software.
Baars en Bloemhoff

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Because of Copernica's strong growth and the belief in our core values 'innovative, passionate and entrepreneurial' Copernica has been awarded on several occasions. Some of the awards we won:

Red Herring Award

Red Herring Award

Red Herring's Top 100 Europe list has become a mark of distinction for identifying promising new companies and entrepreneurs. Red Herring editors were among the first to recognize that companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Skype, Salesforce.com, YouTube, and eBay would change the way we live and work.

FD Gazellen Awards

FD Gazellen Awards

The FD Gazellen Awards are presented to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. To be eligible for a an FD Gazelle Award, a company must show a minimum revenue growth of 20% over a period of at least three consecutive years. The last year the net result has to be positive. In the two year period before that, at least one of the two years has to have had a positive result.

Emerce Top 100

Emerce 100

In 2013 Copernica Marketing Software was chosen as the best email service provider (ESP) in the Netherlands. It's the third time in a row Copernica ended up in the top 10. Every year the top 100 is composed based on reviews of 2625 decision makers in the field of online marketing, IT and ecommerce.

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