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Cloud service to optimize your outgoing emails with authentication, statistics and improved deliverability

Connect to SMTPeter via the powerful REST API to have your emails securely delivered to the recipients inbox.




Statistics on delivered messages

After your message is delivered, SMTPeter monitors all feedback such as clicks, opens, bounces and DMARC reports.


Email volume controls for improved deliverability

SMTPeter prevents that receiving inbox providers are flooded with too many emails. This increases the probability the emails reach the recipient inboxes.

GDPR compliancy

GDPR compliancy

All of Copernica's servers are located in the Netherlands. SMTPeter also offers features to easily download data per user in accordance with the GDPR.

Powerful REST API

Powerful REST API

The easy to use REST API provides you with many options to quickly retrieve, change and create data in your SMTP environment.


DMARC deployment

Tell the receiving ESP what to do if your emails don't seem to be correctly authenticated. You'll be able to view daily DMARC reports through SMTPeter's dashboard.

Web based dashboard

Web based dashboard

SMTPeter has an extensive dashboard where you can configure your settings and analyze DMARC reports, domain reputation, statistics, log files and much more.

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