Copernica Marketing Software license

For only € 250 per month you have full access to the software

Access from € 250 p/month

Access to all functionalities
Personal onboarding
Number of accounts 1
Number of users 1
Data limit Unlimited
Helpdesk and support 24/7


In addition to the fixed costs, you pay for the number of emails you send and the API calls you make. Purchasing a monthly bundle can be cheaper. It is also possible to add additional users and accounts. Bundles of API calls on demand.

Email bundles

With an email bundle you can send large amounts of emails at an affordable rate.

Emails p/month Price p/month
First 5,000 * € 0.020 p/mail
5,000 - 25,000 * € 0.015 p/mail
25,000 - 100,000 * € 0.010 p/mail
100,000 + * € 0.002 p/mail
50,000 € 300
100,000 € 400
200,000 € 500
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* You do not have a bundle but you pay for every sent email. An email bundle is cheaper from 18,000 emails per month.

Extra users and accounts

You can purchase additional accounts for different organizations, or give a user access to multiple accounts. The first acount and user are included in the license. The following monthly rates apply to additional users and accounts.


First account Included
Additonal account € 200


First user Included
Additional user 2 - 5 € 50 per user
Additional user 6 - 10 € 20 per user
10 + additional users € 10 per user
All prices are excluding VAT.

More than 5,000 marketers use Copernica to get more out of their email marketing

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If you create web pages and surveys in Copernica, you pay a monthly hosting fee.

First 5 webpages € 2 p/page
More than 5 webpages € 1 p/page

Copernica offers the option to lease a dedicated IP address. Using a dedicated IP address, you are the only sender using this address. Consult with your account manager whether this is interesting for your sending operation.

Per dedicated IP address € 10 p/month


Copernica also offers the possibility to send SMS.

Price per SMS € 0.10
All prices are excluding VAT.