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Linux mail server for high-volume senders

MailerQ is an on-premise Linux-based Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) for delivering large volumes of email per day.

The real-time management console and unique functionalities enable you to retain and improve the sender reputation and deliverability rates.

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Controlling message throughput

Controlling message throughput

With email throttling you change the sending speed per inbox service provider by specifying the maximum message volumes, the number of connections and timeouts. You have more control to comply with the limitations imposed by these ISPs.


Rerouting and modifying messages

You can classify bounces, process feedback loops and adapt MTA behavior based on server responses. You can also specify conditions and modify the metadata for messages prior to a delivery attempt. This helps you improve email deliverability and sender reputation.

Tag messages

Tag messages for more control

You can tag messages to help organize deliveries into campaigns, customers priority and more. This allows you to, monitor, pause, fail, or reroute any delivery meeting certain conditions.


IP Warm-up

Email throttle schedules allow you to define warm up trajectories by creating schedules that describe what delivery rates to use on which day. This ensures you get the most out of your new IP addresses.

Delivery interception

Delivery interception

You can monitor SMTP connections and error logs and easily pause deliveries or throw errors for specific IPs, targets, customers, campaigns or message types.


Authentication & security

MailerQ supports DKIM, SPF, DMARC, TLS and as the first MTA ever also ARC (Authenticated Received Chain) methods for email authentication.

Dashboard with real-time statistics

Dashboard with real-time statistics

The management console provides real-time insights in delivery attempts and results, queues, error logs and a lot more per MTA, IP, target and even per customer, campaign or message type. You can customize the widgets to match your needs.


Easily change deliverability settings

Deliverability settings such as sending speed, message reroutes and adaption to server responses are stored in a relational database and can be modified easily from an the web-based management console.

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