Optimal profile enrichment

Easily enrich customer profiles with all the data available in a central, layered database

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Profile enrichment

Layered database for optimal profile enrichment

You store customer profiles in a central, layered database. That makes profile enrichment easier than when you work with static mailing lists. You can easily add data such as 'interests', 'orders' and 'viewed web pages' to customer profiles. Every interaction leads to a more complete customer view, allowing you to build even more relevant campaigns.

Layered database
Powerful segmentations

Powerful segmentations for targeted audiences

Copernica offers complete freedom in filtering customer profiles. With and/or conditions you build target groups based on, for example, purchasing behaviour, email results, customer data or a combination of these.

Configurable database structure for seamless integrations

You set up the Copernica database any way you like. Thanks to this freedom, you can easily integrate with other software.


Easily integrate with dozens of standard integrations.

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Build integrations with the REST/SOAP API and Webhooks.

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Synchronize data with periodic SFTP imports.

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