Products by Copernica

With over 15 years of experience as an ESP and currently serving thousands of high demanding users worldwide, we know that different businesses require different solutions when it comes to email delivery, online marketing campaigns and automation.

Fast, flexible & efficient Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

Do you want to send large volumes of emails with the highest possible speed? MailerQ is our on-premise email delivery software specifically designed to do just that!

Combine power with simplicity

Engage your audience with beautiful email designs, delivered on the right moment to precisely targeted destinations. Fully automate your campaigns and get extended reports about the results.

Cloud-based SMTP server for fast and secure email delivery

Connect your app via SMTP or REST API and start sending emails through the cloud instead of your server. Gain access to detailed analytics from your sent emails including opens, clicks, spam complaints, and more.

Copernica Enterprise Service

The Copernica Enterprise Service offers tailored support to suit organizations with specific needs and requirements. An Enterprise Service License is valid for all of Copernica's products and gives organizations access to our senior developers and our management.

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Become a Copernica partner

Do you own a communication, internet or marketing agency and would you like to expand your services with the most powerful marketing software? With the Copernica partner license you can offer your clients a solution that enables them to create email, web, mobile and print campaigns.

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