Copernica integrations

There are various generic integrations available, most of them are developed by our partners.


These integrations automatically synchronize relevant data from your webshop to Copernica, including customer data, products viewed in the shop, shopping basket data, orders and newsletter subscriptions.


With the customer data from your Customer Data Platform (CDP) you can build effective email campaigns in Copernica. Think of personalization based on web page viewed, recommended products and much more.

Social media

Combine Copernica with social media to reach your profiles via different channels.


With these integrations, you can set up targeted marketing campaigns.


Connect your CRM systems to Copernica with these integrations.


With these integrations you can analyze your email campaigns and inbox placement.

Point of Sale

The integrations with point-of-sale platforms, make data from offline purchases available in Copernica.


With these integrations you can synchronize your data automatically with Copernica.

Are you missing an integration?

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