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EffectiveProfiles integration


EffectiveProfiles is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with which you can combine customer data from online and offline touchpoints in one central profile. EffectiveProfiles gives you in-depth insight into customer behavior, so you can build customer-driven journeys across channels.

Effective profiles integration

About the integration

This integration makes customer data from EffectiveProfiles available in real time in a Copernica subprofile. With this data you can easily personalize email campaigns. Conversely, you can personalize web pages from an email click. Changes to customer data are tracked and synchronized in both Copernica and EffectiveProfiles.

Thanks to the full integration between Copernica and EffectiveProfiles, you can easily work omnichannel and grow from repeat revenue.

There are numerous personalization options including:

  • Predictive Audiences (future behavior predicted by AI and machine learning)
  • Visited web pages
  • First party data maximization
  • Last viewed products
  • Dynamic session data such as shopping cart value
  • Data from cash register systems
  • Info from your loyalty card
  • Search behavior on your website
  • CRM data
  • Completed web forms
  • Latest purchases

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