SMTPeter license

For only € 50 per month you have full access to the software

A SMTPeter license costs € 50 per month. For this price you can send up to 25,000 messages from one IP address and one domain name. If you send more messages, or when you use multiple IPs or multiple domains you will be charged extra.

Access from € 50 per month

Access to all functionalities
Personal onboarding
Emails per month 25,000
IP addresses per month 1
Domains per month 1
Helpdesk and support 24/7

Email bundles

Number of emails per month Price per 1000
First 25,000 Included in base price
Next 25,000 € 0.19
Next 950,000 € 0.18
Next 5,000,000 € 0.14
Next 45,000,000 € 0.05
All next € 0.04


First domain Included in base price
Every additional domain € 10 per month

IP addresses

First IP address Included in base price
Every additional IP address € 20 per month
All prices are excluding VAT.

About SMTPeter

SMTPeter is a cloud service to optimize your outgoing emails with authentication, statistics and improved deliverability. Connect to SMTPeter via the powerful REST API to have your emails securely delivered to the recipients inbox.

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