Copernica integrations

Integrate Copernica with Facebook


This integration allows you to export Copernica selections to Facebook for the purposes of building ad groups (Custom Audiences). You can then show targeted Facebook advertisements to profiles stored in Copernica.

Facebook integration

How it works

The Facebook integration was developed by Copernica partner Buckles. In just a few clicks, you can create an account and integrate Facebook with Copernica.

In Copernica, you can create selections containing profiles that you'd like to reach with Facebook advertisements. These selections are exported to Facebook via the Buckles platform. The platform ensures that customer data such as email address, telephone number and name are correctly transferred to Facebook in (near) real time. Facebook uses this data to build ad groups.

The final steps are to create Facebook advertisements and launch the campaign. Facebook will ensure that advertisements are only displayed to users included in the ad group.

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