Flowbox integration

What is Flowbox?

Flowbox is a SaaS company offering a visual marketing platform to help brands leverage and distribute social content throughout the buyer journey to increase engagement, social proof and sales. Flowbox helps brands generate and use owned, paid, earned and user-generated content (UGC) from social channels for increased revenue and engagement and an improved customer experience. Through the platform, companies are able to collect, moderate and distribute visual content like photos to their website and social channels, as well as integrate the content with their email marketing.

Benefits of UGC in email

Using images created by your customers in your email marketing will help you leverage your social clout. When you share UGC, you’re engaging with your audience and creating a stronger connection between your brand and the members of your community. Authentic images taken by real people in a real context tend to perform better than branded content and leads to improved results in terms of conversions, traffic and sales. Research shows that using UGC in email generates a higher click-through rate and a 2-3 times better conversion rate. With email as a cornerstone of marketing and tough competition, using engaging email content that improves your performance and resonates with your audience is more important than ever.

How it works

The platform enables companies to drive UGC marketing at scale by streamlining the process of collecting, managing and publishing visual content to digital channels like email. Once Flowbox is implemented you can easily find content that people in your community have tagged you in, send out rights requests to the original post creators and distribute the approved posts to customizable flows, which you can embed in your emails and newsletters. You can also include links to drive traffic from your UGC posts to for example a campaign page or product page.

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