Personalization within a webshop environment is nowadays an absolute must. Serve customers with relevant products for better conversion and more sales. The software is "sales" oriented and combines the purchase, click and search behavior with the help of Artificial Intelligence to display product recommendations.

About the integration

Enzo has developed an integration which makes it very easy to place Product Recommendations in your emails. The software works on the basis of Artificial Intelligence and shows in a webshop products that are different (and relevant) for each visitor. Take for example:

  • Popular products (per category)
  • Other customers also bought
  • Alternative products for a specific product
  • Recommendations based on "click" behavior
  • Hot products
  • etc.

Would't it be amazing to show these products in your emails with just one click.

A few examples:

  • Order follow up with related products.
  • Show products in a welcome email that the customer has seen, but has not bought.
  • Show extra products in a "shopping basket".
  • Show the best running products from a category.
  • Show relevant products with a win back campaign.

This is all possible with the integration developed by Email Enzo.

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