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Spotler Activate

Spotler Activate (formerly Squeezely) Customer Data Platform (CDP) collects all your customer data in one centralized profile and adds valuable information to it which can be used to create personalized marketing campaigns. Users of the Spotler Activate integration experience an increase in open- and conversion rates for their automated email campaigns.

Real time 360-degree ​​customer view in Copernica

The Spotler Activate integration makes sure that all your customer data is stored and accessible in a Copernica subprofile. This way, you will always have the necessary ingredients available to communicate the right message to the right customer at the right time.

Spotler Activate synchronizes profiles and keeps track of changes in profiles, both in Copernica and Spotler Activate itself. The 360-degree customer view includes the following information:

  • All customer data from your CRM system
  • The customer journey phase of the customer
  • Favorite brands & categories
  • Recommended products
  • Last purchase & website visit
  • Email opt-in on multiple levels
Spotler Activate screenshot

Dynamic content in Copernica templates

No customer is the same. Spotler Activate allows you to display different content and text in your templates for each customer. You can use all customer fields to adjust the text. Product blocks can be modified based on the behavior of your customer with personalized RSS feeds. You can for instance show:

  • The last viewed products on the website
  • The products in the shopping cart
  • Products on the wishlist
  • Recommended products based on behavior and purchase history

Real Time Triggers

Unique to this Spotler Activate integration are the Real Time Triggers. With Real Time Triggers you can communicate with your customers at the right time. When you activate a workflow, Spotler Activate sends a trigger to Copernica and from there an email will be sent at the intended moment. With this you can create powerful marketing automation campaigns:

  • Send 'the last viewed products' in an email to your website visitors
  • Convert your abandoned shopping carts with a campaign.
  • Send an "other people also bought" campaign after a purchase.
  • Reactivate customers
  • Build your own custom flow with the Spotler Activate Journey Builder

Dynamic Audiences in Copernica

With dynamic audiences, you can always keep your list up-to-date in Copernica. Synchronize your segments such as your active customers, recent website visitors or visitors with high buying intent. Spotler Activate makes sure that they're up-to-date in your Copernica account.

All these possibilities allow you to immediately get more results out of email marketing!

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Email personalization with Spotler Activate integration

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Boost retention (from first to second purchase)

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The average conversion from this flow is 53% higher than the average conversion rate via email and even 546% higher than the site average.

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