Copernica integrations

Magento integration


The Magento integration automatically connects relevant data from your Magento webshop to Copernica. Data is synchronized in real-time, allowing you to base selections and email campaigns on users' behavior in your webshop.

What kind of data will be transferred?

Customer- and order data is transferred across multiple fields. This includes:

Customer data

Customer data including name and address, company details and customer numbers is sent directly to Copernica. Any changes relating to addresses or newsletter subscriptions are automatically updated.

Order data

The integration between Magento and Copernica ensures detailed order data is immediately accessible. This includes order- and product numbers, revenue, product name, prices, the number of orders and total expenditure. This data is beneficial for the setup of cross-sell-, upsell- and repeat purchase campaigns.

Product details

Product details are automatically synchronized with Copernica. Examples include images, product descriptions, prices, sizes, materials and more.

Abandoned shopping carts

Some users abandon their shopping cart prior to completing their purchase. The Magento integration allows you to reactivate these users via email, for example by displaying the abandoned shopping cart alongside the relevant product details.

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