Copernica integrations

Nominow integration


Brands are dealing with data silos nowadays: a separate database per individual marketing and sales channel. This is a true problem in times where people expect brands to render them their individual, inituitive brand experience. The Valley’s Customer Data Platform, called Nominow, offers the solution. You connect Nominow with any existing data sources containing customer data relevant for marketing. Hence, you create a true a 360° customer profile, or so-called Single Customer View (SCV). Of both paying customers and leads of whom you collected an ID, such as an email address. Or a Cookie ID from a DMP. After merging this data into 1 single profile, Nominow ensures maximum data quality through advanced data cleansing technology. Your profiles are not only cleansed and harmonized. Through predictive models Nominow calculates new customer insights on an ongoing basis and, consequently, enriches customer profiles with these new insights. The Result: you always have insights in actual preferences and behavior at your disposal. And, hence, you increase the chance of substantially better marketing and sales results. Through connections with the original data sources, from which relevant data is imported, Nominow sends these up-to-date insights to all client-facing systems, such as marketing automation systems. Your benefit: targeted, individualized content, more effective marketing and better results. Omni-channel. Online and offline.

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