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For us the multi-dimensional database and powerful Magento integration were the decisive factors to choose Copernica Marketing Software.
We are able to create our very own digital newsletter in a simple and self-sufficient way using Copernica Marketing Software.
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Phone: +31 20 520 61 90
Email: info@copernica.com

Mission and values

The development of generic marketing software that users can independently be successful with.

Founded by two entrepreneurs in 2001, in a little over ten years' time Copernica has grown from a small email marketing provider to an international and successful developer of powerful marketing software. Driven by a common passion to develop generic software, today we provide thousands of marketers with a powerful solution to reach their marketing goals.
We are entrepreneurial, innovative and passionate in everything we do.


Every team member shows initiatives that contribute to reaching our goal. We come up with concrete solutions, not with questions. Everything we do is based on our idea that things can always be better.


Copernica provides access to intuitive and powerful software, and delivers an optimal user experience. We turn our users in marketing heroes.


Everyone at Copernica works from his or her own talent to reach our mission; developing generic software users can independently be successful with. By working with a passionate commitment, we are able to achieve more than we ever dared to dream of.

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