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Using Copernica enables us to better serve our customers and deliver high quality service.
Copernica offers a fantastic way to store data and really understand the customer.
Brett Sammels, LAW Creative

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Create clever emailings

Would you like to send out an email in plain text? Or would you rather create an email campaign that's branded according to your corporate identity? Maybe you even want to send a personalised email to your contacts. Whatever option suits you best, in Copernica you can set up your emails in a few simple steps. Tap into your own HTML knowledge, or use one of our pre-designed email templates. Get access to all the tools you need to create professional and clever emails in Copernica.

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Create your own emails with our templates

Create your own emailings

Want to create your own professionally designed email? Thats no problem with Copernica’s WYSIWYG editor. You can easily edit your own emails, format your document just the way you want it and fill it with the content you want.

Are you lacking a flash of inspiration, or just simply don’t have the time to format your own emails? No worries. Together with our partners, we have designed a wide variety of email templates. Use these as a basis for your own email campaigns by just choosing a template and adding your own content and style. They'll be ready for you to send out in no time.

If you’re a design or HTML expert, you’ll find it fast and easy to design your own templates with our simple template editor. You can start from scratch or import your existing templates into Copernica.

Personalise your emails

Personalize your emailings

Improve your results by personalising your emails. Copernica offers you the option to fully personalise your mailings with all the stored contact data in your Copernica database. You can personalise using details such as someone’s last name and also using historical data, campaign results, survey results and much more.

  • Add personal details, such as a name, an address or purchased products
  • Adjust the content or design of your email based on interests and preferences
  • Personalise a subject line or add a link to a web form 

For the personalising of your emails and other marketing campaigns, Copernica also works with Smarty tags or Smarty code. This is a template engine for PHP.

How does personalisation with Smarty work?

Once you start working with personalisation codes, you’ll notice just how easy it is. You decide what details you want to use in an email. Copernica will replace the fields using Smarty tags with personal details before you send the email. You can use any data you store in your database to personalise emailings.

An example of how it works:

Example code Will show as:
Dear {$Salutation}{$Firstname}{$Lastname},
Thank you for your application.
Kind regards,
Dear Mr. Douglas Adams,
Thank you for your application.
Kind regards,
Arthur Dent

Dynamic content in your emailings

Dynamic content in your emailings

Would you like to keep your contacts informed about your latest products or your breaking news, for example from your website? Copernica has the solution in the form of content feeds, or RSS or Atom feeds. Easily create your own feeds in Copernica and use them in emailings to keep the contents up to date - automatically.

Add your own styling to a content feed

In Copernica you have the option to easily add your own styling to your content feeds and also decide how many, and in what order, feed articles should be included in your emailing. You could include the last three purchased items, for example.

To do this, use a CSS style sheet or XSLT style document. Create these documents in Copernica, or upload existing style documents. With your own styling you can make your newsletters even more personal and add some exciting dynamics to the whole email.

Composing emailings with SOAP API

Copernica has a powerful SOAP API, that enables you to connect your external software package and Copernica. With the SOAP API it’s also possible to create email documents, load external content and send your emails.

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