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Using Copernica enables us to better serve our customers and deliver high quality service.
We enjoy working with Copernica for setting up, sending and monitoring our (e-)marketing campaigns because of the user-friendliness, reliability and integrity.
Mitsubishi Motors

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View detailed reports

For every email you send with Copernica, you’ll get a detailed overview with statistics. These results are saved for each contact in your Copernica database.

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Clicks, opens and more...

In Copernica, you will be able to analyse and view:

  • How often was your email opened and what links were clicked?
  • How many recipients didn't open your email?
  • Who opted out?
  • What was the conversion rate of your last email?
  • Plus much more!

Clicks, opens and more

Get to know the basics, for example the click and open rates of your emails with our detailed overview of opens and clicks. But in Copernica you will also be able to analyse more complex statistics such as errors and spam reports. Want to know how your email performed in a certain time slot? Just enter the period in Copernica and you’ll get a detailed overview with all the statistics you want. Simple.

Share your email statistics with others

Share your email statistics with others

With Copernica you will be able to get the best results out of your emails. And of course, you might want to share these results with others. Thats no problem with our ‘share statistics’ function. With one click you’ll be able to share the results with your colleagues, wherever they are in the world.

What is the geographical spread of your emailing?

What is the geographical spread of your emailing?

Ever wanted to know if you have any contacts that read your emails in China? In Copernica you can easily find out your global reach and get an overview of where most of your emails are read. For a particular country you can even see the specific region in which you have the most contacts.

Which email program do your contacts use?

Which email program do your relations use?

Wondering if your contacts use Hotmail, Gmail or another email program? Copernica will show you which email client is used most to open your emails. This way you’ll know exactly what to be aware of when testing your emails.

Learn from your mistakes

Of you course, you want to limit the number of errors and spam complaints as much as possible. But if you do receive any, these results are just as important as the number of clicks or opens. Use them to optimise your emailings even further. Learn from your mistakes, automatically remove bad addresses from your selections and ensure better results for your future emails.

Copernica email statistics and Google Analytics

Copernica email statistics and Google Analytics

Copernica gives you an insight into the statistics for a certain campaign, such as clicks, impressions and errors in an email.

Want to dig deeper in the results of your email? Do you want to know more about the way your visitors behave on your website and what kind of conversion this gives you?

With a few clicks in Copernica you can add UTM codes to the hyperlinks in your email. These are special labels that you add through Google Analytics to get an even clearer overview of your results. This will allow you to get a better overview of your customers click behavior and to see which email campaigns lead to the highest conversion rate on your ecommerce site.

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