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The Copernica partner license delivers us powerful software to carry out all sorts of assignments for our clients. Email, mobile and PDF campaigns can be controlled from one single environment.
Copernica leads the way in the E-marketing industry, not only is the software innovative but the support is endless. For example the interactive training and training videos ensure you are completely confident in using the system.
Travelbook, Laura Hudghton

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Sending your text message

With Copernica you can send text messages to one or more of your contacts in just a few easy steps. With Copernica's solutions this is just as easy as sending a text message on your own smartphone. Use the selections you've created in your Copernica database to send text messages to multiple contacts.

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Send targeted messages

Send targeted messages

With the selections you create in your Copernica database, you can easily send personalised text messages to contacts that, for instance:

  • Subscribed to your newsletter
  • Entered a competition
  • Clicked on a hyperlink in your emailing
  • You want to remind of a seminar that starts in hour
  • You want to wish a happy birthday
  • You want to remind of a promotion that has almost expired

Automatically send a text message

Target your contacts even more effectively by scheduling text messages. Or would you like send a text message after they've purchased an item from your website? With Copernica's follow up manager you can set up a text message that a contact will automatically receive after purchasing an item. Do you want to send it directly after the purchase? Or a day after? Maybe even later? Whatever you choose, you'll find it easy to schedule with Copernica.

Check the results of your mobile messages

Check the results of your mobile mailing

After sending a text message, Copernica will send you an overview with the results. Want to process these results in a different program to Copernica? Just export the data with our easy to use export function.

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