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With Copernica we send monthly newsletters with ease. In addition, surveys and webforms for different stores.
Martin Bless, Simon Lévelt
Copernica is the complete package and has now become a powerful addition to our agency's offering. Whilst the infrastructure behind it is extensive and robust, it nonetheless affords us (as purely creative folk!) a really flexible tool with which to construct campaigns that look great and are precisely 'on brand'.
Stephen Fenton, Zeke Creative

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Create your personalized PDF

Looking for a web based solution for creating and managing print publications? A PDF document is an excellent way to support your existing marketing campaigns. Create your own PDF document in a few simple steps in Copernica. We also give you the opportunity to design and personalise your PDF documents the way you want to.

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Working with PDF documents

Working with PDF documents

Composing your own tailored PDF document starts with a template. Create your own and import it to Copernica with a single click of a button. Use PDFlib block tool (a free plugin for Adobe Acrobat Pro) to compose a personalised PDF document. With this tool you can easily add various content blocks to your document. In Copernica you'll be able to fill these blocks with text and/or images.

Personalise your PDF document

You have the option to personalise text and images you add to PDF documents. To do so, you can use special Smarty tags, a template engine for PHP. With this code you'll be able to personalise the document exactly as you want. You can use any information stored in your database to personalise the document.

What are the possibilities for a personalised PDF document?

  • Attach a discount coupon to your emailing.
  • Create a personalised brochure your contacts can download from your website.
  • Add a personalised QR code to a personal letter, encouraging your contacts to visit your website.
  • And many other possibilities!

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