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We find it very important to automate our marketing process. Synchronizing our database through a SOAP API connection allows us to do so.
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Copernica's overall delivery statistics are very high, this gives our clients real comfort. The support to Zeke from the Copernica team is faultless - We feel good about building more business on this platform!
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Manage your relations automatically

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Managing your contacts is as easy as 123 thanks to Copernica. Determine how you want Copernica to process your various contacts details in just a few easy steps. Would you like to process your relation data through an external application in Copernica? You can use one of our integrations or Copernica's SOAP API.

Manage everything automatically in Copernica

Manage everything automatically in Copernica

Within Copernica you are able to regulate what happens with opt-outs, error messages or new opt-ins. Copernica will be able to process all this information automatically, so you don't have to. Save time while you maintain a tidy database!

In Copernica you can enrich your profiles in the following ways:

  • Automatically: Connect changes in your database to a follow up action, by using the follow up manager. For example, Copernica can send your contacts an email the day after they buy a certain product.
  • With web forms and surveys connected to your database: one of the best known ways of profile enrichment. Use them to collect information previously missing from your database.
  • Through email campaigns: you will also be able to save the results of an email campaign in your Copernica database.

 Profile enrichment through your external application

Profile enrichment through your external application

Are you already using another software system besides Copernica to manage contact data? No problem. Combine the information stored in another software system to enrich your profiles in Copernica.


  • Export your contact data from your external application to a solid location, an FTP server for example. In Copernica you will be able to set certain times that Copernica should import this data. Use this feature to keep your contact information up to date at any time of the day or week.
  • Use one of our many integrations. Copernica has generic integrations for Magento, Drupal and Exact and many, many more.
  • By using Copernica's SOAP API. You can connect both systems through the SOAP API which means that the data exchange will happen automatically.

Don't have the knowledge to set up these connections? Don't worry. Use our partner network to find the right people to help you set it up.

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