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We are extremely impressed with the impact of Copernica. Not only did it deliver higher sales and drive down our administration costs but also it improved customer satisfaction.
Edoardo Abis, Manchester United Soccer Schools
Copernica Marketing Software allows us to define, perform and monitor advanced and cross medial direct marketing campaigns.

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Integration with social media

Copernica has various integrations with social media like Facebook. One of those integrations enables you to import data directly from Facebook to your Copernica database for example. These integrations are developed by our partners.

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Facebook test panel integration

Using the Facebook integration of our partner Connect Social Business, you can link data from your Facebook fans to the software of Copernica. Thanks to this integration you are capable of setting up targeted test panel campaigns amongst your new and existing Facebook fans. This way you can enlarge and enrich your Copernica database. Use this Facebook integration to gather new leads, relevant product information of fans and send personal emails from Copernica as a campaign follow-up.

Want to know more? Read more about the Facebook test panel integration

Copernica Facebook App

With the Copernica Facebook App of our partner Anchormen you can showcase your personal newsletters on your company's Facebook page. At the same time, your database is enriched with up-to-date client data. Because of the active synchronization between Facebook and Copernica, profile data and newsletter preferences are updated real-time in your database.

Advantages Copernica Facebook App

Some advantages of the Copernica Facebook App include:

  • Real-time enrichment of your Copernica database with Facebook data;
  • Giving your company's Facebook page extra value;
  • Giving your visitors a better insight in their personal newsletter archive via Facebook;
  • Active synchronization between Facebook and Copernica.

Help test the Copernica Facebook App

Does the Copernica Facebook App sound interesting to you? Then join in with the beta test and get the first 6 months usage of the App for free. You can register for this test by contacting Rutger Wetzels at Anchormen.

Click here to get a live demo of the Facebook App

Facebook hotwire

The Facebook app which places Copernica e-mailings on your Facebook page and enriches your Copernica database. Developed by our partner Admix Connect.

  • Grow and enrich your Copernica database
  • Extend the reach of your newsletter
  • Generate content for your Facebook page

By making an integration between the two channels (social and email) you are able to increase your conversion. You can benefit from the power of social media because you're able to share our newsletter with your target group's network through Facebook. This gives people who aren't on your address list the chance to read your newsletters. Using Facebook hotwire, you can easily generate content for your Facebook page.

What's hot?

  • Your newsletter is actually shown on your Facebook page.
  • Visitors can place your newsletter on their time line.
  • You can keep track of your newsletter's statistics via Google Analytics.

Examples: MyCom, Dixons and America Today.

Would you like some more information? Please contact Admix Connect.

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