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Our personalized email campaigns average an open rate well above 30 or 40% compared to 20 or 30% of our non-personalized email campaigns.
Josine Vos, Redhotminute
Copernica is an amazing marketing automation solution! I've found it extremely configurable and it allows me to automate customer retention strategies. I love the fact that you can personalize PDF files too, something I've not seen in any other marketing automation software!
Mike Gracia, Thinkable Digital

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Social media and your campaigns

Expand your marketing campaign's reach by adding social media. Combine your emailings or webpages with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for example and let your relations spread your message through their own network.

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Share to social

Share to social: share your message

Create relevant and interesting content and give your contacts the chance to share your message with their friends. In Copernica you can easily add various social sharing buttons to your emails.

Share your message

With Copernica's WYSIWYG editor you can set up which contacts you want to give the option to share a message through social media. Did someone just buy something from your website? Let them share this with their friends and expose your products to an even wider audience.

Keep in mind that Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet, so the text and hyperlink you add in Copernica for sharing on Twitter cannot be longer than 140 characters.

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