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Copernica's overall delivery statistics are very high, this gives our clients real comfort. The support to Zeke from the Copernica team is faultless - We feel good about building more business on this platform!
Zeke Creative
With Copernica we send monthly newsletters with ease. In addition, surveys and webforms for different stores.
Martin Bless, Simon Lévelt

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Create and publish your own web pages

Copernica offers the ideal solution for creating and publishing your own web pages and websites. In just a few simple steps, and without the need for any programming knowledge, you will be able to compose and publish your own website. Additionally, it's also possible to load and use existing HTML pages in Copernica.

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Creating web pages with templates

Creating web pages with templates

Creating your own web pages starts with composing a template which will be the basis of your web page. With Copernica's WYSIWYG editor you can easily create your own templates.

Want to use existing HTML templates in Copernica for your web pages? No problem, in just a few clicks you can import them into Copernica. Need assistance creating web pages? Find a helping hand with Copernica's partner network.

Personalising web pages in Copernica

Personalizing web pages in Copernica

Did you know that because we use Smarty code, you can use the contact data you save in Copernica to personalise your web page? Smarty is a simple but powerful code used to personalise web pages.

When a contact is in your Copernica database, you'll be able to show them personalised content when they log in to the web page or land on your web page from a personalised emailing.

Add style to your web page with CSS

Add style to your web page with CSS

With CSS or XSLT you'll be able to add a unique style to your web pages. You can easily create your own CSS style sheet or XSLT document in Copernica. Connect them to your web page, webform or survey and Copernica will show the page in the desired styling.

Added content and style to your web page? Check the results of your work in Copernica. You have the option to switch between edit mode and personalised (preview) mode whenever you want.

Already created a style document outside Copernica? Import it to Copernica to be able to use it in the layout of your web pages.

Publishing web pages

Would you like to publish a single web page or a full website? If you've created multiple pages, you can use Copernica to assign a homepage or login page, for example.

Don't forget you'll need a domain name to publish a web page or website. As soon as you have a domain name connected, you will be able publish your web page.

People use a variety of browsers, so you have to make sure your web page has the correct HTML coding. You wouldn't want the design of your carefully composed website to fall apart in a different browser. That's why in Copernica you can check your web pages for possible HTML or hyperlink errors.

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