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Copernica stands out besides the reliability and user friendliness, by the extensive functionality at an affordable price.
Bosma Direct Marketing Consultancy
For us the multi-dimensional database and powerful Magento integration were the decisive factors to choose Copernica Marketing Software.

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Create your own survey

Use Copernica to create your own survey or questionnaire. Ask your contacts the right questions to get useful insights.

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When might you need to use a survey?

Use surveys to:

  • Ask customers for their opinions about a recent purchase or shopping experience;
  • Carry out research on customer satisfaction;
  • Conduct market research among your own relations.

Ask the right questions

Ask the right questions

The get the answers you want, you have to ask the right questions. In Copernica, you can use three kinds of questions in your surveys:

  • Open questions: Give your relations the opportunity elaborate on their answers.
  • Multiple choice question: Offer your respondents a limited number of possible answers.
  • Grid questions: Offer your relation the choice between a limited number of options in a scale. From 1 to 10 for instance, or from very bad to very good.

Upload your survey

Finished writing your newsletter? Upload it to the internet in just a few easy steps with Copernica. Link the survey to a web page created in Copernica and your online survey is good to go!

Want to check if the survey is working as it should and if it has the right styling? With Copernica's preview function you will be able to add a style easily and test if it's functioning correctly.

In Copernica it's also possible to create a personalised survey. You can dddress recipients by their name when they open the survey by using personalised hyperlinks when composing your email.

And the results?

Copernica will save all the results so that you can access them any time you want. And you won't have to worry about complicated calculations either! Copernica will give you a clear overview of the results and a list with the names of all respondents. Want to redirect respondents to a thank you page after they fill in the survey? Simply set it up using our handy follow up manager.

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