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Copernica's overall delivery statistics are very high, this gives our clients real comfort. The support to Zeke from the Copernica team is faultless - We feel good about building more business on this platform!
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At the moment, we are generating some very good results using Copernica, for example our click through rate of over 20%!
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Various types of web forms

Create your own web forms with Copernica and publish them directly to your website. By using web forms, your contacts will be able to easily sign up for your newsletter or create an account for your online store. Connect your web form to Copernica and store completed contact data in your own Copernica database.

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What type of web form do you want to create?

What type of web form do you want to create?

The type of web form you need to create, depends on the goals you want to achieve. In Copernica you can create various types of web forms to enrich your database.

Think of:

Sign up form or information request

Compose a web form that a contact can use to request a brochure or to sign up for your monthly newsletter.

Login form

Create a login form for contacts that have an account or own area within your website.

'Edit information' form

Create a from that enables contacts to edit their personal information. These updates will automatically be synchronised with your database.

Unsubscribe form

You are required by law to offer recipients the option to unsubscribe. An unsubscribe form is a form of double opt-out, meaning that the contact has the choice to fully unsubscribe, or just reduce the number of emails that they receive.

A working web form in just a few steps

In Copernica's editor, a working web form is just a few easy steps away:

  • Determine what information you need from a contact. Tip: only request the most necessary information. Asking for too much information willl discourage people from filling out the form.
  • Connect the form to the database in which you want to store the information.
  • Add the different fields to your web form. You have the possibility to add various types of fields, such as email, password and date. The software will check if someone entered the correct information.
  • Optionally, add a style to the form. You can do so by connecting a CSS or XSLT document to your web form.
  • Publish your form and connect the form to a web page you create in Copernica.

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