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At the moment, we are generating some very good results using Copernica, for example our click through rate of over 20%!
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We find it very important to automate our marketing process. Synchronizing our database through a SOAP API connection allows us to do so.
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Your web page results

Find out how your web pages are performing with Copernica. Use statistics based on your entire site, or just look at the results of single pages. This way you'll know which pages need to be improved and optimised.

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Your web page statistics

Your web page statistics

Copernica offers accurate and reliable statistics on your web pages' performance. You'll get a clear overview of:

  • Number of pageviews: see the exact number of times a certain page on your website was viewed. With Copernica you can also see how a web page performed within a certain time frame.
  • Number of clicks: find out which hyperlinks generate the most clicks on your web page.
  • Traffic sources: see which online channels your web page's visitors are coming from. Was it an emailing or did they find it through Google?
  • Most used browsers: want to know which browsers are used to visit your web pages? This is also something you can find out in Copernica. Always good to know for further optimisation of your web pages.
  • Geographical spreading: Copernica can also tell you where your visitors are coming from geographically speaking. Is it Europe, the US, or somewhere completely different?

In Copernica there will be a clear distinction between the statistics per web page and the statistics of your entire site.

Integration of Google Analytics

Integration of Google Analytics

Copernica offers its users a free integration with Google Analytics. With this integration you'll be able to add extra information to your hyperlinks, enabling you to analyse in Google Analytic and Google Adwords.

Just add the required code to your HTML source code and get insights on your web pages in Google Analytics. By using both Copernica and Google Analytics you'll be able to get an even better overview of your overall site performance.

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