What our users say

With Copernica Marketing Software we are able to efficiently create and send press releases to our subscribers by email.
Winkelman Van Hessen
We are extremely impressed with the impact of Copernica. Not only did it deliver higher sales and drive down our administration costs but also it improved customer satisfaction.
Edoardo Abis, Manchester United Soccer Schools

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Phone: +31 20 520 61 90
Email: info@copernica.com

Pricing overview

For only € 200 per month, you will get full access to the software. Variable costs e.g. number of messages sent, API calls, client accounts and additional users are billed separately. Interested in reselling Copernica or providing services to Copernica users? View the partner pricing.

Fixed costs

Copernica Marketing Software (1 user included)
*Variable costs not included
(View variable costs)
Free online support
Free product updates
Free email templates
Multilingual (NL/EN/DE/FR/ES)
Max. number of databases & profiles Unlimited
Marketing automation
Free training
Partner network
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Questions? Call us anytime at +31 20 520 61 90 or email: info@copernica.com

Variable costs

Variable costs e.g. number of messages sent, API calls, client accounts and extra users are billed separately.


Number of emails Price per email
First 5000 0.02
Next 20000 0.015
Next 75000 0.01
All next 0.002
Looking for higher volume pricing?


Price per SMS
0.10 per mobile text message


Price per fax
0.10 per fax message

API calls

If you choose to connect Copernica with another application (for example, a CRM solution) through our extensive API, we charge you per API call/request. The first 5000 calls are on us!

Number of API calls Price per call
First 5000 FREE
Next 5000 0.005 / call
Next 10000 0.001 / call
All next 0.0001 / call
Looking for higher volume pricing? Show API bundles

Webpage hosting

You can host webpages within Copernica. One of the most common uses of this feature are personalised webpages.

Number of webpages Price per webpage
First 5 2
All next 1

Email previews

Preview emails across 40+ email clients and devices before you send it to your audience. See how your email looks like in popular clients like: Outlook 2007, Apple Mail, Gmail, outlook.com or devices like iPhone6(s) and Android phones.

Email preview Price per preview *
Preview of most popular clients & devices 5
* One preview contains screenshots of your email in all email clients and devices we support.

Extra account(s)

Working with multiple brands or clients? Manage those campaigns in seperate accounts.

Number of accounts Price per account
First account FREE
more than 1 150

Extra user(s)

If your team members need access, simply create extra users for them to have full or limited access to an account.

Number of users Price per user
First 5 50
6 to 10 20
All next 10