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With the marketing software of Copernica and the customization of Tribal we can offer our customers high-quality campaigns at a good price.
Tribal Internet Marketing
With Copernica we send monthly newsletters with ease. In addition, surveys and webforms for different stores.
Martin Bless, Simon Lévelt

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Phone: +31 20 520 61 90
Email: info@copernica.com

Pricing overview

For only € 200 per month, you will get full access to the software. Variable costs e.g. number of messages sent, soap api calls, client accounts and additional users are billed separately. Interested in reselling Copernica or providing services to Copernica users? View the partner pricing.

Fixed costs

Copernica Marketing Software (1 user included)
*Variable costs not included
(View variable costs)
Free online support
Free product updates
Free email templates
Multilingual (NL/EN/DE/FR/ES)
Max. number of databases & profiles Unlimited
Marketing automation
Free training
Partner network
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Questions? Call us anytime at +31 20 520 61 90 or email: info@copernica.com

Variable costs

Variable costs e.g. number of messages sent, API calls, client accounts and extra users are billed separately.


Number of emails Price per email
First 5000 0.02
Next 20000 0.015
Next 75000 0.01
All next 0.002
Looking for higher volume pricing?

Landing pages

Number of landing pages Price per landing page
First 5 2
All next 1


Price per SMS
0.10 per mobile text message


0.10 per fax message

SOAP API calls

Number of SOAP API calls Price per call
First 5000 FREE
Next 5000 0.005 / call
Next 10000 0.001 / call
All next 0.0001 / call
Looking for higher volume pricing? Show api bundles

Extra account(s)

Working with multiple brands or clients? Manage those campaigns in seperate accounts.

Number of accounts Price per account
First account FREE
more than 1 150

Extra user(s)

If your team members need access, simply create extra users for them to have full or limited access to an account.

Number of users Price per user
First 5 50
6 to 10 20
All next 10