Would you like to integrate Copernica with your CMS, ecommerce platform or CRM software? We offer various generic integrations, most of them developed by our Copernica partners. Are you already a Copernica user? Download these integrations here.

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Note: the integrations are managed by the developer and may always be updated. Did you download an integration? Keep checking our website for possible updates.

Developed your own integration?


Are you a Copernica partner and have you developed your own integration, or would you like to? Let us know so we can put your integration onto our list as well!

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  • Magento


    Automatically synchronize and store all contact, order and shop cart data from Magento with Copernica.

    Learn more about the Magento integration
  • Hybris


    Keep your campaigns and customer data up-to-date at all times.

    Learn more about the Hybris integration
  • Prestashop


    Are you a Prestashop user and looking for the best way to easily integrate your customers, look no further.

    Learn more about the Prestashop integration
  • Drupal


    There are 4 modules available for Drupal users that make it possible to interact with your Copernica database.

    Learn more about the Drupal integration
  • Wordpress


    Using the Wordpress integration for Copernica, you are able to store all your subscribers data within Copernica Marketing Software!

    In development
  • Joomla


    With the Joomla plugin for Copernica, you have the option to automatically complement your database with data from Joomla forms.

    Learn more the about Joomla integration
  • Facebook test panel

    Facebook test panel

    Enrich and enlarge your Copernica database with data from your Facebook fans using this Facebook integration.

    Learn more about the Facebook testpanel integration
  • Litmus


    Check the renderability of emailings in the most popular email clients.

    Learn more about the Litmus integration
  • Return Path

    Return Path

    Optimize the deliverability of emailings with a Return Path Certification.

    Learn more about Return path
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Maintain a more intensive contact with your customers with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration.

    Learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration
  • Exact integratie


    Increase your campaign management and workflow with the Exact - Copernica connector. The perfect integration between Copernica and Exact.

    Learn more about the Exact integration
  • Google Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Copernica offers an integration with Google Analytics to be able to track the performance of marketing campaigns into even greater detail.

    Learn more about the Google Analytics integration
  • EPiServer


    Keep all data within your profile database up-to-date with the help of the integration between Copernica and EPiServer.

    Learn more about the EPiServer integration
  • OXID


    Automating your campaigns has never been so simple. Let the OXID integration do the work for you.

    In development
  • Umbraco


    Use the integration between Copernica and Umbraco to continuously enrich your databases in both systems.

    Learn more about the Umbraco integration
  • SEOshop


    Set up powerful automated email campaigns for your SEOshop web shop by using Copernica.

    Learn more about the SEOshop integration
  • Salesforce


    Using this integration you can easily set up your own automated and personalized marketing campaigns based on your Salesforce data

    Learn more about the Salesforce integration
  • Klipfolio


    By itegrating Copernica and KlipFolio, you ensure real-time insight into the overview and statistic results of your marketing campaigns.

    Learn more about the Klipfolio integration
  • Sana Commerce

    Sana Commerce

    Use the Sana Commerce integration to seamlessly connect your Sana Commerce webshop to Copernica Marketing Software.

    Learn more about the Sana Commerce integration
  • Shopware


    The Shopware integration is now available. The integration makes it possible to synchronize all data between both systems.

    Learn more about the Shopware integration
  • One Stop Webshop


    The integration with One Stop Webshop enables users to set up relevant and personal event driven email campaigns with Copernica.

    In development
  • Sherpaan

    Sherpaan backoffice software

    This link allows the exchange of common customer and order data from Sherpa (the back office software for online shops) to Copernica.

    In development
  • Opencart

    Opencart integratie

    Get the most out of your OpenCart webshop with our synchronization tool to Copernica. Our goal is to increase your conversion.

    In development
  • SugarCRM

    SugarCRM integration

    This integration enables you to exchange all data from SugarCRM with Copernica making it easier to get the most out of your contact with relations.

    In development

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