Why Copernica Marketing Software?

As an email marketer you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to email marketing solutions. What distinguishes Copernica Marketing Software from other email service providers (ESP's)? What makes Copernica so unique and powerful and why should you choose Copernica?

Copernica Marketing Software
Copernica Marketing Software Copernica Marketing Software

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1. Copernica is made for everyone

  • For marketeers

    Create an unlimited number of database fields, selections, subselections and extra dimensions (collections) in your database to execute great campaigns.

  • For template designers

    Import and create your own HTML templates for e-mail or web. Style with XSLT's or CSS stylesheets. Use Smarty tags for personalization of marketing campaigns.

  • For developers

    Set the powerful SOAP API according to your needs, or develop an integration for Copernica, use our different libraries and contribute to the further optimization of the application.

  • For management

    Publish and view statistics on a campaign-, account- , and database level. Complete overview and management of your own account within the software.

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Automate your campaigns with the follow up manager

2. Allows you to automate your campaigns

With our easy to use follow up manager, you will be able to quickly set up follow up actions. Use these actions to stay in contact with your client at all times and respond automatically to predetermined triggers. Send someone a product user guide the day after he buys something in your store for example.

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Copernica integrates well with other systems

3. Integrates well with other systems

Copernica Marketing Software has a powerful API which uses the common SOAP standard. This makes it simple to create an integration for several online systems.

Furthermore we have several other integrations with popular ecommerce platforms and CRM systems such as Magento, Hybris, Drupal, Exact and Microsoft Dynamics.

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4. Advanced selections with multidimensional databases

Advanced selections with multidimensional databases

With Copernica's selections, structuring your database is easier than ever. Use selections to optimize the quality of your database and easily set up targeted campaigns. And don't worry, because Copernica processes all changes in your databases, your selections are always up to date.

Copernica uses a unique data model. Within Copernica it is possible to create multidimensional databases. The advantage of this datamodel consists of the fact that you can work with elaborate client profiles in stead of separate address lists.

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Powerful personalization options

5. Powerful personalization options

Fully personalize your campaigns with every stored data in your Copernica database. Personalized tags are automatically replaced with custom and predefined fields. You can personalize using personal details like someone's last name, but also using historical data, campaign results, survey results and much more.

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6. Excellent email deliverability with Copernica

Excellent email deliverability with Copernica

Copernica ensures you can enjoy an optimal deliverability at all times. The software automatically controls emailings on different points when you are in the process of creating emailings. This means the software helps you check:

  • If there are HTML errors in the source code of your email
  • If your email has a high spam score
  • If the domain names you use in your email are on any blacklists
  • If you are using an unsubscribe option

Control your authentication data

Furthermore, you are capable of adjusting your own authentication data. When you are going to send e-mailings, it is crucial that this data is properly configured. Copernica will check for you if your SPF, SenderID and DKIM are set correctly.

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  • 8. Excellent online support

    Do you have any questions about the Copernica software? Take a look at our extensive help documentation or directly contact our support department.

  • 9. Email and API bundles

    Do you send more than 100.000 email messages or execute more than 250.000 API-calls on a monthly basis. Then be sure to check our special rates. These bundles can be purchased in advance.

10. We are transparent

At Copernica we find it important that all information is available for the users and that our users can act on the information given to them. This implies that a user cannot be dependant on personal guidance coming from the ESP. At Copernica we strongly believe the software has to be able to help the user act on certain events.

Needless to say, Copernica's support and technical team is always on the lookout for improvements and proactively monitors the activities within the application. This way we can always improve the service and software in a generic way. A good example is how Copernica is so transparant on the deliverability of your email campaigns.

We are always developing

You can discover something new at Copernica every week. Either on our website or within the software. We do not perform any large-scale releases that might interfere with the functionality of the software. This allows you as a user to benefit continuously from our latest features. Want to know what’s new this week? Keep a track of our blog updates.

Besides the Copernica Marketing Software, the Copernica R&D team also develops ready-made on-premise, hybride and SaaS solutions.













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