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Copernica is the complete package and has now become a powerful addition to our agency's offering. Whilst the infrastructure behind it is extensive and robust, it nonetheless affords us (as purely creative folk!) a really flexible tool with which to construct campaigns that look great and are precisely 'on brand'.
Stephen Fenton, Zeke Creative
With Copernica Marketing Software we are able to efficiently create and send press releases to our subscribers by email.
Winkelman Van Hessen

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Are you organizing an event or seminar and are you looking for an excellent guest speaker? Copernica's speakers are experienced in giving presentations on subjects like email marketing, dialogue marketing, mobile marketing and much more. An overview of our speakers:

Michael Linthorst

Michael Linthorst

CEO at Copernica BV

Michael Linthorst is an internet entrepreneur and CEO of Copernica Marketing Software. After finishing business school in 2001 Michael started Copernica together with his business partner Emiel Bruijntjes.

Copernica is now one of the most powerful email service providers in Europe. It provides marketing software which enables its users to single-handedly set up (automated) campaigns using email, mobile, web pages, social media or print.

Next to full-time entrepreneur, Michael is also an avid blogger for various websites on subjects such as email marketing, database marketing and eCommerce.

Click here if you want Michael to speak at your event.

Emiel Bruijntjes

Emiel Bruijntjes

CTO at Copernica BV

Emiel Bruijntjes is founder and CTO of Copernica Marketing Software, where he manages the IT department. He still finds time however to do what he’s truly passionate about: creating software.

CTO during the day, and software creator at night, you could say. His passion for software creation has led to a wide range of experience when it comes to developing successful products:

  • Copernica is the leading marketing software company that is used by thousands of marketers all over the globe every day. The webbased application allows its users to create, send and track emailings and SMS text messages.
  • MailerQ is a mail transfer agent that sends out emails so fast, that users are only limited to the receiving party’s capacity to process emails.

Also he is working on PHP-CPP, an open source project he initiated and that is focused on creating a C++ library for developing PHP extensions.

Ask Emiel to share his knowledge with fellow developers on topics as:

Building native PHP extensions with C++
Most developers that try to use both PHP and C++, will quickly find out that PHP extension are very difficult to implement and require a deep knowledge of the Zend engine. That’s why Emiel initiated PHP-C++, an open source project focused on creating a C++ library for developing PHP extension that are easy to develop.

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Imagine… A mail transfer agent that sends emails faster than the receiving end can process. Got it? You are now thinking of Mailerq.

MailerQ is an easy to use and powerful Mail Transfer Agent that can be used to send out large numbers of email messages.

Emiel would like to show you the architecture of MailerQ, how it’s built on top of AMQP message queues, and how you can integrate it in your current email architecture.

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Send Emiel an email if you want him to speak at your event.

Feike Wierda

Feike Wierda

Software Engineer at Copernica BV

Feike Wierda is tasked with the operations department at Copernica Marketing Software. Feike is responsible for ensuring a good performance of Copernica and manages the support department.

His areas of expertise include storage, MySQL scalability, Linux virtualization and high performance networking. Feike is passionate about everything Linux, and can also tell you a thing or two about hosting online applications.

Click here if you want Feike to speak at your event.

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