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In this edition of CopernicaTV Brett Sammels, CSD at the award winning agency LAW Creative, discusses the fundamental components of email campaigns that drive customer engagement.

This webinar is a must-watch if you are interested in:

  • Defining an email marketing strategy
  • Sending relevant newsletters
  • Delighting individual recipients with surprising content
  • Opportunities of big data

From my experience, the myth surrounding surveys or web forms generally appear to be negative, many see them to be time consuming and irrelevant. However, there are numerous ways in which to retrieve feedback and useful information from customers by creating effective surveys, open ended questionnaires or follow-up calls.
Some users might have noticed that certain selections in their database contain an incorrect number of profiles. This is caused by a technical issue and can be solved by rebuilding selections.

In this edition of CopernicaTV we are joined by Brett Sammels, who will discuss the fundamental components of email campaigns that drive customer engagement and action that will ensure that your emails standout from the other 7 billion that are received in the UK on a daily basis.

Copernica CTO Emiel Bruijntjes will present the upcoming new drag-and-drop editor at Copernica Summit, Tuesday September 16 in Media Plaza in the Netherlands. This new feature enables users to compose an emailing using drag-and-drop functionality. No HTML skills required.
On the B2B Summit, last Wednesday June 18th in The Brewery in London, Exact's Jasper Kolwijck and Richard Francis presented Exact's use of Copernica Marketing Software to set up a detailed lead nurturing program. View the slides from the presentation.