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As of 26 September 2014 we will no longer support Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 in our software

We have gotten such an overwhelming response after the announcement that we decided to make the test version available for all Copernica users. That way everyone that wants to simply drag and drop their emails together can already practice doing so. Try the new editor now!

Starting today Copernica users send their e-mails with MailerQ, a mail transfer agent (MTA) specially developed by the Copernica team. We've created this MTA with a singular purpose: to deliver emails. Our specialized MTA can send emails out faster than any other MTA on the market and will ensure an even higher deliverability.

Two years ago JEKA decided to go-to-market directly with a Magento web shop. Learn how email marketing automation has quickly become one of the key revenue drivers.

[Update]:Disturbance has been solved. You might experience some difficulties reaching the Copernica website because of a disturbance at Leaseweb. Sadly we cannot fix this problem ourselves, we are currently in contact with Leaseweb to try and solve the issue. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Update: the server issues have been resolved. We experienced a short amount of downtime because of maintainance at Leaseweb. During this maintainance something went wrong which caused Copernica's services to be offline from time to time. Copernica sadly cannot do anything about this, we're currently in contact with Leaseweb and are trying to resolve the issue.