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Timing and content are the key ingredients to a successful email campaign. In this article I share 10 tips to get rid of non-responders from your database.

Copernica was voted best email service provider (ESP) and email marketing software of the Netherlands for the second year in a row. This was announced yesterday by Emerce in the ninth edition of the Emerce top 100 of best ebusiness organizations. It's the fourth year in a row Copernica has been included in the top 10 of the best ESP's in the Netherlands. But we're very proud to have been elected best ESP two years in a row!
When you send emails, do you put enough consideration into making sure that they are optimised for the device that the end user will use to open them on?

Good news! As of now you are once again able to use Copernica’s split-run functionality. Our tech team crawled under the hood of our software, and worked its magic to fix the issues that were causing split-runs to underperform.

The big database revision

Posted by Feike Wierda on April 3, 2014

To improve speed and interface responsiveness, Copernica are reworking there entire database infrastructure. Read all about it!

Copernica has been working hard on new features and improving existing features All administrative tasks that you previously did in the Admin section of the marketing software, can now also be managed via your dashboard on, albeit a lot easier and simpler.