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Copernica offers a fantastic way to store data and really understand the customer.
Brett Sammels, LAW Creative
Using Copernica enables us to better serve our customers and deliver high quality service.

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Automate your campaigns

Copernica allows you to send email campaigns automatically, but that's not all! Besides emails, Copernica also allows you to automatically send your contacts SMS text messages and PDF documents. With our easy to use follow up manager, you can easily schedule mailings to be sent out later. At the right time, contact the right customers with the right message.

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Set up follow up actions with the follow up manager

With our easy to use follow up manager, you will be able to quickly put in place follow up actions. Use these actions to stay in contact with your clients at all times and respond automatically to predetermined triggers. For example, you could send your customers a product user guide the day after they have purchased something in your store.

Set up follow up actions with the follow up manager

There are various ways Copernica's follow up manager can help you get most out of your email marketing:

  • A contact shows interest in a product by clicking on a link in your email: Use the follow up manager to automatically add this preference to your Copernica database.
  • A contact buys a product from your website: Automatically send your client a personalised product brochure in PDF, a week after purchase.
  • A contact has made changes to their personal details: Set up the follow up manager to send them a confirmation email with their new details.
  • A contact signed up for your seminar next month: Make sure they don’t forget, and automatically send them a reminder SMS text message a day in advance.

Automatically sending email campaigns

Automatically sending email campaigns

All emails you create in Copernica, can be scheduled to be sent at a later date. As well as this, all contact details you store in Copernica can be used as a trigger for your email campaign. A recent purchase, a new opt in, an upcoming birthday; you name it and it can be used to send your contact an email! Some examples of triggers you can use:

  • A new client signs up: Send them a welcome email and thank them for creating an account.
  • A loyal customer: Reward your most valuable customers by sending them a personalised offer through email.
  • The purchase of a product: Send a series of emails, offering your customer tips and tricks on how to get the most out of their product, or accessories that they may be interested in.
  • Re-engagement: Maybe your customer just needs reminding about you! Send an email reminding them of the best you have to offer and reasons to make a purchase, such as free delivery.

As with everything in Copernica, event driven email campaigns are extremely easy to personalise.

Sending emails through SOAP API

Do you have an e-store, a CMS or a CRM system? Copernica has a powerful SOAP API and various other integrations that you can use to link your system with Copernica. Synchronise the two and automatically use changes in the external system as a trigger for a follow up action in Copernica.

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